About Melissa

Melissa Fleming earned her Bachelor’s degree at Worcester State University in 2004 and her Masters from Framingham State University in 2010.  She began purchasing rental property with her husband in 2010 and has since decided to pursue a real estate career full time.

Understanding the client’s needs and working with the person to find a home that will fulfill their life goals is the driving force behind Melissa’s business model.

“Our home is the base of our lives it is where we rest, laugh, play, find joy and weather sorrow.  It is a quintessential need and it is my privilege to assist people in that journey.”

Melissa Fleming spent 10 years in the event industry working closely with clients to ensure that every detail was attended to with professionalism.  Real estate started as a hobby, something I liked to do on the weekends and quickly became a passion.  After the birth of my third child it became evident that real estate should be my professional focus allowing me to more proactively manage my time.  Clients can expect my full attention as I only work with 1 – 2 active clients at a time.  It is my goal to assist in the home purchase process which can be emotional and at times confusing.  I hope that our time together will be productive and will conclude with a successful sale or purchase allowing a family to begin again in new home for wherever their life takes them.