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The Heart Project for Natali Webster, Ma

With stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Nateli Barjolo faces obstacles no teenager should have to deal with. To celebrate this hero, the greater Webster community banded together to bring one of her dreams to life. As trips to local pools and bodies of water could prove dangerous to her weakened immune system, the teenager wanted nothing more than her own pool and patio. Cedar Wood Realty pitched in, contributing to the cause alongside numerous volunteers to bring this vision to life back in August of 2021. Check out the featured article to learn more about Nateli’s heroic journey.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Springfield, Ma

Tragedy can often bring people together, uniting under a common goal. This can be said for the unfortunate passing of 11-year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover. Since this tragic event, Sirdearner Walker (his mother) has become a major advocate against bullying. Designers at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition took note of Walker’s powerful story and efforts, and went to work. With a team of over 100 volunteers and a 7-day build period, Walker’s home was overhauled and completely transformed. We are proud to have been a part of this beautiful story, serving alongside other dedicated volunteers.


Net of Compassion Fundraiser Worcester, Ma

Starting in 2010, Net of Compassion was founded to provide the less fortunate with hot meals – starting with bagged lunches, and now serving over 250 people weekly. Since its origin, Net of Compassion has performed numerous outreach programs, events, and far more. This has included raising over 15 thousand dollars, providing beds for the homeless, and more. Cedar Wood Realty is proud to have been part of many of these events, contributing in any way we can. We are looking forward to being part of more programs in the future alongside other valued volunteers.


Teen Challenge Dinner & Donations Worcester, Ma

In 2018, we donated valentines bouquet and dinner to Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge is an organization that helps men and women who are in substance abuse recovery. The organization made a post regarding their experience:

“Thank You Christine Najem & Cedar Wood Realty Group for blessing our ladies tonight with a Valentine’s Dinner, flowers & hand written cards! ? Each of the ladies felt so loved! We appreciate all the love and support!”


The Cedar Wood Realty Group strives to make contributions to different local organizations and causes that share values with the Christian faith in order to help our brothers and sisters across New England. Below are some of the organizations that we’ve donated to in the past:

Net of Compassion
Teen Challenge
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Torch Foundation

Women’s Financial Literacy Class Worcester, Ma

In an effort to provide women the means and knowledge to become financially independent, Cedar Wood Realty Group ran a financial literacy class. This women’s course was focused on supplying women with the skills to make thoughtful economic choices, creating the foundation for a stronger independent lifestyle. We are immensely proud to have provided these women with newfound confidence, knowledge, and a thorough understanding of economics.

100 Turkey Meal Giveaway Thanksgiving 2018