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Advancing and Improving The Lives of Others

Charbel Najem is our expert investor and coach. He has coached hundreds of people with real estate investments and business start-ups over the past decade. His amazing ability to connect with people and guide them in the right direction has resulted in many lives being changed and many dreams being realized. With a strong focus on growth and development, Cedar Wood Realty Group is an excellent place for investors to call home. We work alongside our customers to find the best options and help them reach the outcomes they desire. We want to help others achieve what we ourselves have been blessed to achieve.



5+ Years Experience as a Loan Officer
Self-starter Entrepreneur for 25+ Years
Successfully Launched Multiple Businesses
14+ Years of Construction & Investment Experience

USING HIS EXPERIENCES To Help You Achieve Success

Growing up in war-torn Lebanon, Charbel faced situations no child should have to. With his mother, grandmother, and sister killed in a tragic accident, and his brother shortly after amidst the war, Charbel was determined to find success overseas. By the age of 21 he had launched not one, not two, but three businesses (two arcades and one restaurant). At 25 he was finally able to make it to the U.S. where he launched Capstone, which has since blossomed into a multi-million dollar company. With a story like this and years of experience behind him, you know you will be working with an industry veteran.

Start Investing the Right Way For a Better Future

Charbel’s years of experience and previous results will help you strengthen your own investment abilities and create a track record of your own. Contact him and the team at Cedar Wood Realty today to start paving the way for your future.